Who we are?

Trust Enerji as a trading company which is founded in 2018 and focused on Importing and Exporting of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Mineral Products has started its activities. Trust Enerji group’s target markets act across many countries such as the Middle East, Far East Asia, Africa, and Europe. This company with experienced management including a competent marketing policy, delivering high-quality products, innovative company developments and expert staff continue its way. Also, Trust Enerji is always seeking new business developments to strengthen its global presence and successfully expand trade activities.

Your powerful Partner in Trading

We provide our customers with worldwide high-quality products and an extensive Service. We develop innovative solutions to react flexibly to changes on this continually changing Market and to be able to deliver products with consistent quality on time. This is why we took over different parts of our logistics by ourselves. To guarantee worldwide Service not just national, but also on the international Market, we have one more branch in Iran besides our Turkish office in Istanbul.

Prepared for the future

Based on our certified Quality Management System we carefully choose our suppliers and service providers to fulfill the legal requirements at any point and furthermore always be a competent and reliable Partner to our customers and stand beside them to trade. Besides our distribution business, we will build up a very stable distribution with imported goods in the future, enabling us to offer a broader range of products to our customers. We could prove our work with cooperative partnership and long-time loyalty of our customers which is an incentive to continue to develop and improve.

What We Do

Main activities of the company are in the following parts:

Import & Export

Imports of Petrochemicals/Raw materials/equipment for downstream industries & petrochemical products

Commodity Exchange

Buying from Commodity Exchange

Logistic Services

Providing logistics services in the form of purchasing needed items (including pallets, Jumbo bag, etc.) for petrochemical complexes and other companies.

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